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The Championship Golf Course is the epicentre of The Royal Sydney Golf Club. However, it has a number of serious infrastructure problems which have contributed to the gradual decline of the course over the last 30 or so years which we need to holistically address. These infrastructure problems include irrigation, drainage and turf quality. The Royal Sydney Golf Club has been aware of these issues for some time and have formulated a comprehensive, sustainable plan to address both the course deterioration and reimagine what is possible for the Club and the local area.

The plan addresses the infrastructure problems within the course and, at the same time, makes changes to the design, layout and landscape. One exciting aspect of the plan is to return the current landscape to a native heathland, making the property one of the most important, environmentally sustainable sanctuaries of native flora and fauna in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. This plan will also demonstrate an emboldened view on sustainability with the neighbouring community as a direct beneficiary.

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