Golf Course Plans

After a vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting on Tuesday 17th September 2019, a plan to redevelop the Championship Golf Course was approved. This plan was developed following a four-year planning period and focuses on fixing the infrastructure issues that have arisen over time. An ageing irrigation system, poor drainage creating flooding and congested areas of trees that restrict airflow, create heavy shade and impede turf quality. A number of the trees planted over 70 years ago are reaching the end of their safe life expectancy and these trees are failing at an increasing rate. The Club plans to address these issues and create a new course that will stand among the finest heath courses and be contemporary, playable and sustainable.

To do this, the Club aims to maximise the potential of the golf course and utilise its topography, character and setting. Renovating the key design features, as well as restoring the native landscape style, will create a sustainable course which is friendly to the environment. Internationally acclaimed golf course landscape architect, Harley Kruse, has been engaged by the Club to work with golf course architect, Gil Hanse. Their shared vision is to restore some of the historic components of the Course, as well as returning the landscape to its original heathland character. The new plan addresses the infrastructure problems within the Course and, at the same time, makes changes to the design, layout and landscape. This plan would also demonstrate an emboldened view on sustainability with the neighbouring community as a direct beneficiary.

This will be one of the most important, environmentally sustainable sanctuaries of native flora and fauna in the Eastern Suburbs.

Click here to view a large version of the Plan.