October, 2021 Monthly archive

If the opponents have an eight–card trump fit, it is likely your side also has an eight-card or longer fit too. If the opponents have a nine-card or longer fit, your side must have at least one eight-card fit. Why … Read More

The 2022 Annual General Meeting will take place on 13th April, 2022. At that meeting Stephen Martin will retire as Men’s Captain and Richard Michaels will retire as a member of the General Committee, both having served their maximum terms possible under the Constitution. Read More »

Members are advised that there is currently a limited amount of accommodation available in the Clubhouse due to maintenance work required to improve fire safety and protection. From 15th December, all accommodation rooms will be re-opened but with further partial … Read More

Those members who enjoyed one of complimentary coffees during Week 1 of the ’12 Weeks of Christmas’ may have noticed something new: during lockdown, the House Department and House Sub-Commitee reviewed the Club’s coffee and made the decision to change … Read More

There is a busy and exciting schedule of events planned for the next few weeks, from mixology and whisky tasting evenings, to the Burgundy-themed BYO Night and big occasions such as the Melbourne Cup Lunch. To take members through the … Read More

Twenty-four lucky members have drawn horses in the Royal Sydney Melbourne Cup Sweep. 1st Prize $1,127       2nd Prize $676       3rd Prize $451       Ticket No. No. Horse Club No. Drawn By 2527 … Read More

Bookings Now Open
Members can book in for an exciting selection of Christmas Events at Royal Sydney, including the Annual Christmas Cocktail Party, Festive Lunch and Christmas Day Lunch. Read More »

The Men’s Foursomes Championship and Plate events were contested over the weekend of Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October. Due to a condensed schedule to round out the year after the COVID lockdown this year’s event featured 18 holes of … Read More

The redouble is by responder after partner opens and an opponent doubles. It shows a (flat) hand with 10+ high card points. It usually denies a primary fit for opener. It sends the message that your side has the balance … Read More

Members are advised that the 2021 Green Book Sporting Calendar has been updated. Read More »