The Royal Sydney Golf Club features two world class croquet courts which are available for the use of members and their guests all year round.

Croquet is a popular sport for many Royal Sydney members with competitions and social days held on a regular basis throughout the year. In March 2009, The Royal Sydney Golf Club played host to the Australian Croquet Championships, and in March 2015 welcomed the Eire Cup (Australian Association Croquet Championships).

History of Croquet at Royal Sydney

There is no precise record of when croquet began at Rose Bay, but historical records show it was first mentioned in 1905.

At least two croquet lawns were in play in 1908. In ensuing years, players had to witness a reduction of their facilities as their lawns competed with tennis, and later, bowls. In 1935 the last remaining croquet lawn was taken over by bowls. It was to be another thirty-two years before the game revived.

In 1967, the General Committee announced that a croquet lawn would be formed on two tennis courts on a trial basis. Royal Sydney members Mrs C. R. Traill and Major W. R. H. Tingey were driving forces behind this development. The Major won a World Championship and was the world number two player for almost twenty years.

Royal Sydney hosted rounds of the Interstate and Australian Championships in 1991 and most recently, in 2009, hosted the Eire Cup as part of the Australian Croquet Championships.

Presently, the Club has two croquet lawns with Santa Ana Couch as their surface.