Biodiversity Management Plan

Tree Protection Zone Fencing

The Club will be installing Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) fencing on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th November.

TPZ fencing will help ensure the safe protection of trees as the Club starts to bring in equipment and set up for construction on the Championship Course Project.

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Biodiversity Management Plan

The Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) is Royal Sydney’s extensive strategy for ensuring the long-term management and enhancement of native flora and fauna at the Club.

As part of the BMP, Royal Sydney are undertaking a biodiversity monitoring program around the Club’s outdoor spaces commencing from October 2023. This will involve the monitoring of bird, insect, plant and other wildlife patterns across our property. The result will be the baseline data to help measure and ensure the long-term biodiversity benefits of the Championship Course Project.

The full BMP is available by clicking here. The document has also been broken into more navigable via the links in the table below.

Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP)

Flora Species Recorded

Weed Species Recorded

Fauna Species Recorded

Revegetation Typologies

Tree Planting Plan

Retained/Removed Trees

Tree Protection Measures

Wetland Restoration

Trigger Action Response Plan

Revegetation & Monitoring

BMP Maps