History & Background

The Championship Course is central to the Club and the Rose Bay community and people are proud of its history. However, the standard of the Course has become increasingly difficult to maintain.

Established in 1922 on the site previously occupied by the Chinese Market Garden, changes have been incorporated over the years, not necessarily for the good of the local community and area. The Course underwent its next major transformation in the later 1940s. In an attempt to ‘beautify’ the course, a Tree Planting Sub-Committee was formed. From 1947 to 1949, more than 1,000 trees were planted – primarily the Paperbark (Melaleuca quinquinerva).

It was believed that many of these plantings would not survive (although they have), so second and sometimes second alternate plantings were also made. This explains how these trees became established in such large numbers on the course.

The last refurbishment of the Championship Course was completed in 1986, and by the early 1990’s the Course was seen as appearing like “parkland” rather than the heathland environment it was meant to reflect. It was then that some native shrubs and grasses were planted to bring the Course back to the original intent.

The Course has since had some minor modifications; however this new plan paves the way for a complete redevelopment and a restoration back to a heathland environment.