Dress Code

The Committee requires members and guests to be well groomed and to wear neat and conservatively styled clothing which is consistent with the Club’s standards. Members or guests calling at the Club for any reason, e.g. picking up a takeaway order or collecting children, must comply with the Club’s dress regulations. Members and guests whose dress does not meet the requirements below will be denied use of the Clubhouse and sporting facilities.

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Prior to 6.00pm

After 6.00pm

Please note, members and guests staying in the Club’s accommodation are permitted to wear blue denim when arriving and departing the Club.
Children’s Attire
Children aged 8 years and older must observe the same dress regulations as members; however boys are not required to wear a jacket.

IN THE SPORTING AREAS (Golf, Tennis, Squash, Bowls and Croquet)

Sporting attire (including shoes) for men, women and children, should be neat and recognised as being appropriate for the sport to be played.
Appropriate golf shirts must be worn. Men’s shirts must have a collar and be tucked in.
If choosing to wear shorts, golfers are required to wear white socks or ‘sockettes’.
Tennis and Squash
Bowls and Croquet